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Well, the thing about me is I am always happy to see you. When you’ve been beavering away on something for hours (maybe days) at a time, and the end only seems to be going further into the distance, I will have a noticeable effect on company morale and lifting your spirits. I can revives low moods and make good moods even better – qualities that contribute immensely making an atmosphere of happiness and optimism – we like positive people.

Even if you’re not really a dog person, that's ok. Because in truth, there’s no such thing as ‘not a dog person’: there are dog people, and there are people who don’t love themselves enough. I can win over sceptics with bottomless enthusiasm and affection. However if you are scared of animals and you don't want to see me, that's ok too. I like two things in this world above all others: you, and long walks, especially when I get to go for a swim. You’re going to like me too. Just let it happen.

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